Flair Internet Consultants


Flair Internet Consultants [FIC] is a global provider of offshore custom web development solutions. We are firmly poised to leverage the latest developments to deliver a new generation of products and services. We take advantage of our experience, understanding of specific industry workflows, processes and domain expertise in developing/deploying future-ready technology solutions.

FIC projects comply with uniformity leading to quality & efficiency.

We provide value additions to our customers by advantages such as quick to market solutions, high quality professionals and processes, cutting edge technology expertise and a complete services portfolio. Our aim is to maximize customer satisfaction at minimum cost.

Being an offshore development agency, we understand the pressing need for our people to be skilled communicators, working in close alliance with clients who may never see them. We only hire qualified professionals from reputed engineering and management institutions with proven records of web based software development. The work platforms are maintained using expert industry guidance to help the team deliver perfect results.

FIC is an astute combination of experience and expertise including 32 self-motivated professionals including Project Managers, Web Developers, Flash programmers, Graphic Designers, Content writers, SEO Professionals, Data Processors and Webmasters to take care of development and maintenance of web projects.

Quality assertion is an indispensable part of every business activity at FIC. Right from the conception of a project to its delivery, we strictly stick to our time-tested processes to guarantee that all work is conducted in compliance with best practices and industry standards.

As part of our quality policy, we utilize a series of technical measures that involve conducting formal technical reviews and performing planned software testing.

We sure that we can share a long term mutually beneficial relationship. Just like we do with majority of our clients!